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CanadAmerican Tax Services Tax Services Firm, Surrey, BC.

Personal Cross Border Tax Services

Expatriate Tax Services
Are living and working outside of the United States? You are required to file a U.S. tax return regardless of where you live. We can help.
Tax Services for U.S. Citizens Abroad
Our Firm provides services to U.S. citizens residing both within and outside the United States as well as Canadian and other non-U.S. citizens visiting, living, and doing business in the United States.
Tax Services For Canadian Citizens
Are you a Canadian living and working in the U.S.? Do you own and rent U.S. real property? Are you uncertain as to when and which U.S. tax return is required? The Cross Border tax professionals at CanadAmerican Tax Services can help.
Estate Planning For U.S. & Canadian Citizens
Our Firm provides Estate and Gift tax consulting and compliance services to U.S. citizens resident in Canada and Canadian citizens with substantial U.S. assets.
IRS ITIN Certification Services
We assist qualified individuals not otherwise eligible for U.S. Social Security numbers to obtain a U.S. Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).

Tax Due Dates